Alberto Muñoz-Torrero Manchado

Portrait of Alberto Munoz
Alberto explored the Kila's forest in Patagonia, looking for trees damaged by GLOF events.

Alberto is a geologist and GIS-analyst interested about the study of climate change impacts and dynamics of earth surfaces processes in mountainous environments. His research involve the analysis of satellite image time series, as well as from unnamed aerial vehicles through the creation of 3D models of the terrain, satellite multispectral bands combinations and differential SAR interferometry. His most recent works are related to the influence of climatic and anthropogenic factors in the occurrence of landslides in the Himalayas.

Alberto received a Bachelor in fundamental geology in 2012 from the Complutense University in Madrid (Spain), and a Master in Earth Sciences – Geological Risk in 2018, from the University of Geneva. He has a background as a GIS analyst in the oil and gas industry where he has worked in different international projects as well as GIS manager in different field campaigns.

Alberto is a PhD student at the University of Geneva’s Institute for Environmental Sciences (ISE), where he studies the multi-decadal dynamics of natural processes in mountain environments through the use of GIS and different Remote-Sensing techniques. These processes involve rock glaciers in the Swiss National Park, rockfall in the Zermatt Valley, as well as landslides in western Nepal.