Developping climate change resources for high-school pupils

Adaptation At Altitude

Increasing the resilience and adaptation of mountain communities in the face of climate change

The Roman Egypt Laboratory

Climate Change, Societal Transformations, and the Transition to Late Antiquity


Constructing a Multi-CeNtEnnial Mass balance recOrd of Swiss glaciers with multi-proxY tree-riNg sEries



CALDERA: Effects of large voLcanic eruptions on climate and societies: Understand impacts of past events and related subsidence crises to evaluate potential future risks


Reconstruction of Holocene hydro-climatic fluctuations based on multi-proxy peatland records


Documenting the snow avalanche cycle of February 1720 in Valais (Switzerland) using historical archives

GLOF Chilean Patagonia

A dendrogeomorphic reconstruction of glacial lake outburst flood processes in the Exploradores Valley, Chilean Patagonia

Climate Risk and Vulnerability in India

Integrated climate risk and vulnerability assessment in India

Extreme Floods in Kashmir

Enhancing resilience against future extreme floods in Kashmir

Water Governance in Bolivia

Assessment of a climate-resilient water governance framework in the pluri-national State of Bolivia

Land degradation in Georgia

Land degradation neutrality in Georgia

Future Natural Distasters in Switzerland

Prediction of future natural disasters using past climate analogues

Peru Cusco 2018 Landslide

Landslide Risk Reduction in Mountain Regions

Citizen science for landslide risk reduction and disaster resilience building in mountain regions

Landslides in Tropical Mountains

Linking ecosystem and geomorphic processes to understand large-scale dynamics of tropical mountains mediated by landslides

Ecosystem-based disaster risk reduction in mountains

Integration of protection forests in risk-based assessments of rockfall hazards


Debris flow and outburst flood hazard in Tian Shan under impact of changing climate