Gary Lynam

Portrait of Gary Lynam

Gary is a multi-disciplinary PhD candidate in the fields of economics and environmental sciences. His main research interests are (1) the impact of climate extremes on agriculture, and (2) the impact of massive volcanic eruption on the global food system. His recent work focuses on leveraging satellite observations with statistical modelling to project changes in agricultural production due to extreme climate events.

Having received his bachelor in experimental physics in 2013, he changed fields and achieved his master’s degree in development economics in 2018. Following this, he began collaborating with the Institute of Economics and Econometrics of the University of Geneva, researching droughts and household energy choices among farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Currently, Gary is completing his PhD at the University of Geneva’s Institute for Environmental Sciences (ISE), hired by the project SNF CALDERA. His role includes researching the climatic impacts of massive volcanic eruptions on agricultural yield and subsequently disruption to the global food network.