Yihua Zhong

Portrait of Yihua Zhong

Yihua is interested about river flood and riverbed/coastline evolutions, especially in relation with:

  1. Flash flood: using GIS, hydraulic software and dendrogeomorphic to explore flood magnitude, frequency and risk;
  2. Hydraulic and Sediment movements.

Yihua is using flume to understand hydraulic jumps and hydraulic law of deposition barriers. In the same way, for sediment movements, he is using flume or field with UAV or even modelling to explore the erosion/deposition of river bed with pits, and undercutting rate for river along bridges and weirs, and coastal beach revolution under different breakwaters.

Yihua received a bachelor in Waterway and Coastal Engineering in 2017 and a master is in Hydraulic Engineering at the State Key Laboratory of Hydraulics and mountain river engineering at the Sichuan University in 2020.

Yihua’s ongoing main aim is to focus on flood magnitude/frequency/risk using GIS, hydraulic modeling and dendrogeomorphy to understand the past, the recent and predict the future flood.

From September 2020, he is a PHD student at the University of Geneva’s Institute for Environmental Sciences (ISE).

Research interests

  1. Flash floods: Using GIS, modeling and dendrogeomorphic to analysis risk.
  2. Sediment movements: Using flume, field study and modeling to understand sediment movement.