Climate Change Adaptation in Mountains

Adaptation at Altitude - Project

Our new project Adaptation at Altitude has been funded! The «Adaptation at Altitude» project is funded by the Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency and has two overarching goals: (i) strengthen knowledge on climate change adaptation solutions in mountains, both at the regional and global levels; as well as (ii) the consideration of climate change adaptation in mountains in major global policy processes.

To reach the first goal, proven solutions for adaptation to climate change in mountains are collected and synthesized in knowledge products, and their implementation supported via the development of a community of practice. The climate change adaptation solutions for mountains (CCA solutions) will be collected through an appraisal of published mountain-relevant resources and collaboration with the wider climate adaptation and disaster risk reduction communities, their embedded networks and relevant platforms. This appraisal and collaborative effort will focus on eliciting the best global solutions applicable to and adaptable for use in mountain areas. The CCA solutions will be selected through a multi-stage quality control mechanism that ensures their quality, credibility and usefulness to the community of practice. They will be made available through a structured and easy to access global knowledge base hosted by weADAPT and designed in response to the needs of the community of practice.

To reach the second goal, climate change adaptation in mountains will be mainstreamed in key global policy processes on climate change, Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We will contribute to integrating sustainable mountain development and climate adaptation in mountains into the development of National Adaptation Plans and Nationally Determined Contributions under the Paris Agreement, into national DRR strategies under the Sendai Framework, and into SDG monitoring and implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. To be effective and legally enforceable, international agreements must be transposed into national legislation and strategies, supported by appropriate budget allocation and oversight of government performance. The network of the Inter-Parliamentary Union will be leveraged to disseminate information on good practices in climate change adaptation in mountains and to develop parliamentary capacity to influence their integration on the national level.

The project is coordinated by Zoï Environment Network and implemented with the contributions of the C-CIA team, Geneva Water Hub, Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI Oxford), in collaboration with the international organization of national parliaments, the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU).